VaryPlot is a freeware tool for creating two-  dimensional graphs. Data samples can be loaded  from ASCII files or given by equations for x and y.  Its comfortable interface allows to work with  multiple graphs at the same time. Powerful  cursors and the curve statistics dialog make the  data analysis easy.  Move your mouse pointer over the picture for a larger version VaryPlot is designed to give you the result that  you want in a minimum number of mouse clicks.   The program is controlled by using menu, tool  bar, keyboard shortcuts or dialogs. Use drag &  drop to load data files or scripts. Consult the  comprehensive HTML manual for details.  The program comes with a comprehensive and up to date manual in HTML format. The program displays and accepts numbers in scientific or engineering format. It is optimized for  2-dimensional plots which are paramount for every engineer. Anti aliasing and clear type fonts are supported. Graphs can be exported in bitmap or vector format for usage in your documentation. Multiple graphs can be arbitrarily arranged in windows and tabs on the workspace. Cursors and statistical information quickly provide important information about curves. Ranges in graphs can be synchronized. Curve data can be processed using equations. Graphs can be analog (Cartesian) or digital (timing diagrams). Axis can be linear or logarithmic. VaryPlot can be customized by more than 200 options. Command  and data files are legible ASCII text and can be easily created by your own programs.